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    *Push CTRL+F to bring up a search bar How many thieving stalls are there at the home area? "5" What is the name of the server? "reactionx" What attack level do you need to wield an abyssal whip? "70" Where is the home area located? "edgeville" What mining level do you need to mine shooting stars? "80" What is the bandos boss called? "general graardor" What is the name of the clan chat everyone is in? "help" What boss drops dragon kiteshields? "kKing black dragon" What npc drops dark bows? "phoenix" or "dark beast" What npc drops whips? "abyssal demon" What boss drops dragon claws? "tormented demon" What is the level requirement to wear skillcapes? "99" What is the maximum combat level ? "138" What defence level is required to wear barrows? "70" Where can you get void armour ? "pest control" What weapon hits with melee, but it's special attack hits with magic? "korasi" What is the most powerful crossbow in the game? "armadyl crossbow" Who is the owner of reactionx? "reactionx" Where can you get dharoks armour? "barrows" What miniquest grants access to barrows gloves? "recipe for disaster" What combat level are Tormented Demons? "450" What combat level is Nex? "1001" What combat level is Corporeal Beast? "785" What combat level are Rock Crabs? "13" What combat level is Kree'ara? "580" What boss drops dragon warhammer? "lizardman shaman" What is the best offensive range prayer in the normal prayer book? "rigour" What is the best offensive mage prayer in the normal prayer book? "augury" How many skills are there "25" Where can you get a dragon defender? "warriors guild" What is your total level if you have 99 in every skill ? "2475" What trees do you cut for magic logs? "magic" What is the highest level rock to mine? "runite" Where can you fight other players for their loot? "wilderness" What is the cape for complete players? "completionist cape" What is the cape for max players? "max cape" What skill makes potions? "herblore" What skill lets you make weapons and armour? "smithing" Where can you store money other than the bank? "money pouch" Where do you store all of your items? "bank" What points do you get for killing bosses? "boss points" How many free slots does each bank tab have? "352" What skill advances your combat level past 126? "summoning" What food heals the most? "rocktail" What should I do every day to help the server? "vote" What skill do I use when crafting runes? "runecrafting" How many elite achievement tasks are there? "12" What boss drops toxic staff of the dead? "skotizo" How many dungeoneering tokens is an arcane stream necklace? "75000" How many dungeoneering tokens are chaotics? "200000" What is the cube root of 216? "6" How many time can you vote a day? "2" What boss drops divine sigils? "corporeal beast" What slayer level does the master Sumona require? "92" What slayer level does the master Kuradel require? "80" What slayer level does the master Duradel require? "50" Who is the default slayer master? "vannaka" What level herblore is required to make overloads? "96" What NPC will help you with your account security? "town crier" What summoning level is required to make a Talon Beast? "77" What summoning level is required to make a Ravenous Locust? "70" What summoning level is required to make an Iron Minotaur? "46" What summoning level is required to make a Spirit Larupia? "57" What summoning level is required to make an Moss Titan? "79" How much xp do you need to reach 99? "13034431" At what level prayer can you use Hawk Eye? "26" How many Chickens are there at the Chicken Pen? "8" How many bales of Hay are there south east of Draynor Manor? "27" Which NPC will be able to give you a title? "sir vyvin" What is the 11th item in Explorer Jack's shop? "falador teleport" What is the 13th item in Explorer Jack's shop? "ardougne teleport" What is the 27th item in the Range shop? "snakeskin bandana" What is the 1st item in the PvP Pure shop? "tzhaar-ket-om" What was Herblore's name originally called? "herblaw" How many coins does a monkfish alch for? "3200" What is the killcount requirement to enter a lair in Godwars? "20" In what month was Reactionx released? "october" Guess a number 1-10? "1" Guess a number 1-10? "2" Guess a number 1-10? "3" Guess a number 1-10? "4" Guess a number 1-10? "5" Guess a number 1-10? "6" Guess a number 1-10? "7" Guess a number 1-10? "8" Guess a number 1-10? "9" Guess a number 1-10? "10" What smithing level is required to smith a Steel Plateskirt? "46" What monster gives the examine A vicious thief? "bandit" What monster gives the examine The tongue of evil? "bloodveld" What monster gives the examine An evil magic user? "infernal mage" What is the second boss to kill in the Recipe for Disaster quest? "karamel" How many points does a Void Knight Deflector cost? "350" What construction level is required to create Hangman? "59" What is the 40th spell on the regular spell book? "vulnerability" What is the 20th item in the Tzhaar shop? "toktz-mej-tal" What is the 19th item in the Farming shop? "potato seed" How many boss points does a Fighter Torso cost? "100" How many boss points does a Zamorakian Spear cost? "75" How many boss points does a Fighter Hat cost? "200" What is the 17th emote? "cry" What is the 24th emote? "goblin salute" How many Bankers are there in Seers Village bank? "6" How many Runes are on the Magic thieving stall? "3" What is the 35th Achievement? "fish 25 rocktails" How many Green Dragons are there at West Dragons? "4" How many Inventory Spaces does a Spirit Terrorbird have? "12" How many Inventory Spaces does a War Tortoise have? "18" How many Inventory Spaces does a Pack Yak have? "30" How many Agility courses are there? "3" How many Easy Tasks are there? "30" How many Medium Tasks are there? "32" How many Hard Tasks are there? "32" How many Elite Tasks are there? "12" How much money can the Well of Goodwill hold? "100000000" What is the 8th item in the Runecrafting Shop? "chaos talisman" Name the NPC that is wearing Torva? "max" What is the name of the skilling pet you get from Farming? "tangleroot" What is the name of the skilling pet you get from Woodcutting? "beaver" What is the name of the skilling pet you get from Mining? "rock golem" What is the name of the skilling pet you get from Fishing? "heron" What is the name of the skilling pet you get from Thieving? "rocky" What is the name of the skilling pet you get from Agility? "giant squirrel" What is the name of the skilling pet you get from Runecrafting? "rift guardian" Name the NPC that is holding a Bell? "town crier" Which NPC sells Skill Capes? "wise old man" How many Crates are there in the Varrock general store? "10" How much gold do you need to pay to get through the gate to Al Kharid? "10" How many thieving stalls are there at Ardougne Market place? "16" What object gives the option to Dump-weeds "compost bin" Which skill shows an image of a Fist "strength" Which skill shows an image of a Wolf? "summoning" Which skill shows an image of a Ring? "dungeoneering" Which skill shows an image of Paw? "hunter" Type the following ::answer jdj49a39ru357cnf Type the following ::answer qpal29djeifh58cjid Type the following ::answer qd85d4r0md42u2mssd Type the following ::answer loski4893dhncbv7539 Type the following ::answer 9esmf03na9admieutapdz9 Type the following ::answer djs83adm39s88s84masl Type the following ::answer alskpwru39020dmsa3aeamap
  3. Dan

    Woodcutting Guide Woodcutting is a resource skill and can be a helpful skill to train to level other skills such as fletching and firemaking. Hopefully this guide helps you Axes/hatchets Woodcutting Level: 1 Woodcutting Level: 1 Woodcutting Level: 21 Woodcutting Level: 31 Woodcutting Level: 41 Woodcutting Level: 61 Tree's and Experience Requirment Level: 1 Knife x Log = 15 arrow shafts, short bow, javelin shaft, crossbow stock Fletching: 1-10 Arrow Shafts Longbows 10-20 Requirment Level: 15 Knife x Log = Oak Shortbow, Oak Longbow Fletching: Oak Shortbow 20-25, Oak Longbow: 25-35 Requirment Level: 30 Knife x Log = Willow Shortbow, Willow Longbow Fletching: Willow shortbow35-40, Willow Longbow 40-50 Requirment Level: 45 Knife x Log = Maple Shortbow, Maple Longbow Fletching: Maple shortbow 50-55, Maple longbow 55-65 Requirment Level: 60 Knife x Log = Yew Shortbow, Yew Longbow Fletching: Yew shortbow 65-70, Yew longbow 70-85 Requirment Level: 75 Knife x Log = Magic shortbow, Magic Longbow Fletching: Magic longbows 85-99
  4. Dan

    Starting off Herblore consist in cleaning herbs obtained from various methods such as Farming or PvM'ing and mixing the cleaned herbs into vials of water in which you add a second ingredients different to every potion. Make sure you have GRIMY herbs to clean them. The CLEAN ones, are indeed already cleaned and ready for use. Here's an idea of what the 2 kinds look like > Levels required to CLEAN Guam Leaf > 3 Marrentill > 5 Tarromin > 11 Harralander > 20 Ranarr Weed > 25 Toadflax > 30 Irit Leaf > 40 Avantoe > 48 Kwuarm > 54 Snapdragon > 59 Cadantine > 65 Lantadyme > 67 Dwarf Weed > 70 Torstol > 75 Levels > Potion >>> Herb + ingredient 3 > Attack Potion >> + >>> Guam + Eye of newt 5 > Anti-Poison >> + >>> Marrentill + Ground Unicorn horn 12 > Strength Potion >> + >>> Tarromin + Limpwurt Root 22 > Stat Restore Potion >> + >>> Harralander + Red Spider's eggs 26 > Energy Potion >> + >>> Harralander + Chocolate dust 30 > Defence Potion >> + >>> Ranarr Weed + White berries 34 > Agility Potion >> + >>> Toadflax + Toad's Legs 38 > Prayer Potion >> + >>> Ranarr Weed + Snapegrass 45 > Super Attack Potion >> + >>> Irit + Eye of Newt 48 > Super Anti-Poison >> + >>> Irit + Ground Unicorn horn 50 > Fishing Potion >> + >>> Avantoe + Snapegrass 52 > Super Energy Potion >> + >>> Avantoe + Mort Myre Fungi 55 > Super Strength Potion >> + >>> Kwuarm + Limpwurt Root 60 > Weapon Poison >> + >>> Kwuarm + Ground blue dragon scale 63 > Super Restore Potion >> + >>> Snapdragon + Red spider's eggs 66 > Super Defence Potion >> + >>> Cadantine + White berries 68 > Antidote+ >> (+ ) + >>> Toadflax + Coconut Milk + Yew roots 69 > Antifire Potion >> + >>> Lantadyme + Ground blue dragon scale. 72 > Ranging Potion >> + >>> Dwarf Weed + Wine of Zamorak 73 > Weapon Poison+ >> + + >>> Coconut Milk + Cactus Spine + Red spider's eggs 76 > Magic Potion >> + >>> Lantadyme + Potato Cactus 78 > Zamorak Brew >> + >>> Torstol + Jangerberries 79 > Antidote++ >> ( + ) + >>> Irit + Coconut milk + Magic roots 81 > Saradomin Brew >> + >>> Toadflax + Crushed bird nest 82 > Weapon Poison++ >> ( + ) + >>> Coconut Milk + Nightshade + Jangerberries 84 > Recover Special Potion >> + >>> Super Energy Potion + Papaya Fruit 85 > Super Antifire >> + >>> Antifire Potion + Phoenix feathers 88 > Extreme Attack Potion >> + >>> Avantoe + Super Attack Potion 89 > Extreme Strength Potion >> + >>> Dwarf weed + Super Strength Potion 90 > Extreme Defence Potion >> + >>> Lantadyme + Super Defence Potion 91 > Extreme Magic Potion >> + >>> Ground mud runes + Magic Potion 92 > Extreme Ranging Potion >> + >>> Grenwall Spikes + Ranging Potion 96 > Overload >> Explained below Overloads An overload is a potion that combines all the benefits of the Extreme potions into one. Drinking it deals you 50 damage (500 if you play with x100 hits) in increments of 10(100) per tick. To make there, you need to combine 1 of each extreme potion and a clean Torstol together. You can make a maximum of 4 per inventory before you run out of place for more set.
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    Great apply Dan , as i can see you are active player , We will reply to you about the apply result as soon as possible 🙂 stay tune !
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    Username: Dan Age: 32 😮 Timezone: +! Where are you from? UK How long have you been a part of ReactionX? 1 month? How many hours do you spend online daily? 3-4 hours more if im off Are you active both in-game and on our forums? yes Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? help out the server and grow the community How would you describe your strengths? mature enough to not care about random insults from fellow players How would you describe your weaknesses? n/a Why should we choose you over another member’s application? why would you not? Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? yes i understand
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    Hi and Welcome back i just upload for you guys a new ReactionX- Luncher here , Try it out any bugs reply here ! Enjoy! ReactionLauncher.jar
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    Great guide ! and good work!
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  12. The Sanguinesti staff is a powered staff requiring 75 Magic to wield 90 attack The staff has a built-in magic spell that can be used regardless of the spellbook the player is using, although it cannot be used to autocast any other combat spells. The spell gives no base experience and grants the player 2 Magic experience per damage dealt. In addition, the spell possesses a healing passive effect in which successful hits have a 1 in 6 chance of healing the wielder half the amount of hitpoints dealt to a target. This healing effect can be seen via the 'upwards spiral' on the enemy; all other animations are the same. you can buy the Sanguinesti staff on Donator shop only for 50!! Donator points also you can check for donator ranks and benefits Reactionx staff
  13. hello everyone like i said in our last update construction will be out soon and working 100% you can join now and enjoy the skill alot of players has spoke with me about the construction that dont work and a lot of bugs in it now its fixed and working 100% of curse our guide is already waiting for you enjoy reactionx staff
  14. hello everyone. im aware of the bug we have on the hiscore website about the construction skill the bug is going to be fixed soon no worries reactionx staff
  15. Welcome to my 99 Construction guide! - First off you're going to need a hammer, steel nails and some regular planks. you can get these items from the construction manager on the northern wall at home next to the house portal - Right click the construction manager to open the construction shop - Once you have purchased your a fair amount of regular planks and you have your hammer and steel nails ready, enter the portal and build your first room from levels 1-52 build crude wooden chairs - First off build a parlour and make your way to one of the 3 chairs in the middle, right click one of the chairs and select build. build From Levels 52 - 62 build Mahogany tables. Build a Dining room, head to the centre of the room, right click the table and start building Mahogany tables until 62 Construction From Levels 62-99 (without ::bank command) build Teak fancy dress boxes. -Build a costume room, head to the centre of the room and right click the fancy dress box. start building Teak Fancy dress boxes until 99 Construction. even if you get to 80 construction and see you can make the Mahogany fancy dress boxes, they unfortunately give less xp than Teak Fancy dress boxes so just stick to Teak planks If you have the ::Bank command then make Teak cape racks from levels 63-99. - This is also in the costume room in one of the corners. it costs more teak planks than the fancy dress boxes but gives a lot more xp. per build. i highly recommend using this method over the fancy dress boxes. so guys alot of players have asked me about the Construction the Construction skill is working but we stoped the shop from selling to players items so we can make litil updates on the skill and fixing some bugs so the skill is coming out soon we dont have date but i can promise soon! faze
  16. WELCOME TO Here i will be going over Smithing / Mining. First of, Where can you start skilling?? Click on either skill and it will teleport you to where you need to be. Next your gonna need a pickaxe/hammer. You can get these from mining instructor (left side in photo) You can also buy bars, Iron- mith. Ores and Levels Rune ore - 85 Shooting star - 80 Adamantite ore - 70 Mithril ore - 55 Gold ore - 40 Coal ore - 30 Pure essence - 21 Iron - 15 Tin/ Copper - 1 Essence - 1 From level 1-40 - tin ores From levels 40-80/99 - gold ores At level 80 you can start mining the shooting star Your able to mine star at 80 and gives great xp. When mining star, you will get star dust that can be used in the stardust shop. Talk to "expert minor" at mining guild accessed by clicking on mining skill. Now its time to do some smithing! I recommend doing platebodys as they give the most xp. To smith ores into bars you need: 1 tin ore and copper ore = Bronze bar 1 iron = iron bar 1 iron and 2 coal = steel bar 1 mithril ore and 4 coal = mithril bar 1 addy ore and 6 coal = addy bar 1 rune ore and 8 coal = rune bar From levels 1-18 Bronze items At level 18 you can start doing bronze platebodys. Im only listing platebody levels you can train smithing however, platebodys are normally the most xp. 18 - bronze platebody 33 - iron platebody 48 - steel platebody 68 - mithril platebody 88 adamant platebody 99 - rune platebodys I Hope this mining/smithing guide helps, Thank you! faze
  17. FAZE

    Hello, and welcome to my Zulrah guide! To start off: In this guide I will go over a complete Zulrah guide based on ranged combat style, you can try different combat styles but that is up to you. For starters I would recommend to start off with ranged, in my opinion this is one of the best combat styles to kill Zulrah as fast as possible. Zulrah has 3 different combat styles, we're going to protect against all 3 so consider this guide as NOT AFKABLE. Minimum requirements: Range lvl: 61 Prayer lvl: 43 Weapon: Rune crossbow Ammunition: Runite bolts Recommendations: For players with a low prayer level (43) use regular prayers. To save ammunition wear a Ava's accumulator. For extra drop rate percentage wear a Ring of Wealth. Gear recommendations: This part is pretty obvious, bring the best in slot gear you have at the moment. If you have some time on your hands, and you want to setup yourself for zulrah, go to pest control and try to get the full void set. For inventory I would recommend to bring just 1 or 2 Prayer/Restore pots and 1 or 2 Ranging pots or any other combat boosts in-game. For starters bring some food aswell. The Strategy! Phase 1:At this h's Toxic clouds will not be able to damage you. We will be using this spot for the entire Zulrah kill (almost) all phases will be in-range from this spot. You should be able to get atleast 3 hits in before Zulrah dives under and changes her appearance. Phase 2: After phase 1, You'll get a message in chat box with "Zulrah dives into the swamp..." that's the end of phase 1, and phase 2 starts. Zulrah will only do melee damage in this phase, so put on your protect against melee prayers and start attacking her, this is Zulrah's eassiest phase/appearance. Phase 3: After phase 2, Zulrah will dive under again and come back up as a new appearance. In this phase she'll attack you with 2 different attack styles. This is the hardest phase of zulrah, you'll have to switch between prayers based on her attack animation. 1. A brown annimation = her magic attack 2. A pink animation = her range attack. MAGE ATTACK: RANGE ATTACK: Phase 4: Most of the time you will be able to kill Zulrah either in phase 2 or 3. But sometimes Zulrah is having fun with you, and she'll be jumping all over the place. This phase is exactly the same as phase 1, but instead of spawning in the middle she'll spawn at the most South side of the swamp. We wont attack her on this phase, because you will take toxic damage as soon as you come in range to attack her. So just stay where you are, and wait till this phase is over. Phase 5: Phase 5 is exactly the same as phase 2. But for the sake of this guide I will call it phase 5, at this stage just repeat phase 2. Phase 6: This phase is exactly the same as phase 3, the only difference is that Zulrah now spawn North of the platform. For this stage repeat Phase 3. NOTE: Zulrah can spawn in 2 different appearance either Greenish or Blueish, but both do the exact same attack style. The blue one is more often going to attack you with mage, and the green on is more often going to attack you with range. This was my complete in-depth guide on Zulrah, there might be more other ways to kill Zulrah but I find this the best one there is (In my opinion). If there's anything I forgot or I could add to this guide, please let me know! Thank you, and goodluck on your Blowpipe! Side notes: Sometimes Zulrah bugs where she becomes invisible, take your loss and just teleport out and teleport back to Zulrah. The server developer will fix this in the near future. It luckily doesn't happend that often. Also try the command ::finddrop zulrah . To see her drop rates/table. Zulrah guide made by : faze
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