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Rules for Reporting

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Below you can find a list of rules that players in the ReactionX community are expected to follow when posting a report. These rules are not optional and MUST be followed.

Rules for Reporting:

1. You may only post if one of the following requirements are met:

2. When posting the evidence, please make sure you meet one of the requirements:

You are the player posting the report against another player.
You are the player who is being accused of breaking the rules.
You have contributing information and/or evidence in order to help resolve the report.
You are a member of the ReactionX  Staff Team trying to resolve the report.
Screenshots; include the full chat box Do not cut off any text, or post reporting a single line.
Videos; use the YouTube BBC code. This is for convenience and is not mandatory.

Failure to follow the rules stated above may lead to punishment and/or automatic denial of your report. In addition, please review the format for posting reports

ReactionX Community,






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