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!!!99 Construction guide!!!! yes our new update coming soon Construction is coming!!!

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Welcome to my 99 Construction guide!


- First off you're going to need a hammer, steel nails and some regular planks. you can get these items from the construction manager on the northern wall at home next to the house portal


- Right click the construction manager to open the construction shop


- Once you have purchased your a fair amount of regular planks and you have your hammer and steel nails ready, enter the portal and build your first room


from levels 1-52 build crude wooden chairs

- First off build a parlour and make your way to one of the 3 chairs in the middle, right click one of the chairs and select build.



From Levels 52 - 62 build Mahogany tables.

 Build a Dining room, head to the centre of the room, right click the table and start building Mahogany tables until 62



From Levels 62-99 (without ::bank command) build Teak fancy dress boxes.

-Build a costume room, head to the centre of the room and right click the fancy dress box. start building Teak Fancy dress boxes until 99 Construction. even if you get to 80 construction and see you can make the Mahogany fancy dress boxes, they unfortunately give less xp than Teak Fancy dress boxes so just stick to Teak planks


If you have the ::Bank command then make Teak cape racks from levels 63-99.

- This is also in the costume room in one of the corners. it costs more teak planks than the fancy dress boxes but gives a lot more xp. per build. i highly recommend using this method over the fancy dress boxes.


so guys alot of players have asked me about the Construction 

the Construction skill is working but we stoped the shop from selling to players items so we can make 

litil updates on the skill and fixing some bugs

so the skill is coming out soon we dont have date but i can promise soon!







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